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PJ - 101 Primary School Projects

Give them more of what they love to do!

About the Course

Children love doing projects, that’s a fact. Invigorating projects generate enthusiasm, they energise the children and unleash creativity, cooperation, communication and critical thinking skills as they engage the chosen themes, delve deeper into learning, generate, create and showcase their finished projects.

Through cross-curricular projects, teachers are championing a hands-on, active, research driven, designing and making approach to curriculum. Some of our scoped-out projects include:

  • The hedgerow project
  • Poetry slam
  • Scarecrows
  • Puppet theatre week
  • Memories

…… and 96 more! 

This course is suitable for First to Sixth Class teachers.


The online format of this course enables you to study at a time and place that best suits your own needs. 

You can access your course from July 1st to August 16th 2024.

Within this highly interactive web-based course, a dynamic learning experience awaits, where you can interact with your fellow course participants through the in-course chat forums and communication tools provided by the CPD College learning system. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable tutors actively support each course, providing expert interaction, guidance and feedback for all participants on chat questions and assignments which call for critical reflection, self-analysis and a reasoned response. 

On successful completion of your course, you can download and print off your CPD record and certificate of completion.

We look forward to welcoming you to your course.

Learning outcomes

The aims of this e-learning course are:

  • To provide teachers with 101 invigorating projects to inspire teaching, to propel and deepen learning
  • To outline projects that are seasonally / termly relevant on a bi-monthly basis, and which all teachers can use as a conduit for delivering curriculum and achieving learning outcomes
  • To detail the steps in and potential for the cross-curricular project model for learning
  • To champion a hands-on, active, designing and making approach to curriculum
  • To illustrate STEM, Science, SESS and Literacy themed projects
  • To encourage teachers to scope, create and share their own projects
  • To charge teachers to consider and review their own ‘Teacher Practice’ as part of the SSE process
01 -  Cross-curricular projects: Provide a project based, problem solving, creative approach to learning the curriculum. Projects for September & October. 
02 -  Second term projects: Itemised, creative projects best suited to the November-December term
03 -  Good projects for the new year: Creative and interesting projects for the January - February term
04 -  Spring projects: The projects best suited to the March - April term
05 -  End of year projects: Creative and inspiring projects for the May - June term

“What a wonderful course! Loads of really practical ideas that I will use with my class next year! Well worth it, thank you!"  Niamh, 2023