SS01 - Assessment for Learning

A Professional Obligation

‘Assessment for Learning’ is the first in a series of professional development seminars which we are offering nationwide for schools to incorporate into their ‘Croke Park’ hours.

Assessment for Learning is now a priority area of the Department of Education & the NCCA. As a result of this seminar, your staff will have a thorough working knowledge of this crucial topic.   We know that engagement with this seminar will bring additional and necessary change to the way all teachers’ deliver classroom lessons, based on a new recommended 5 point common lesson structure. We anticipate that this seminar will both radicalise & standardise the planning and delivery of lessons across the school and ensure better outcomes in learning for all the children. The way lessons are delivered will intrinsically change as a result of teachers attending this seminar.  

The aims of this seminar are as follows:

  1. To clarify the differences between ‘Assessment of Learning’ and ‘Assessment for Learning’
  2. To outline the five essential elements that constitute an ‘Assessment for Learning’ lesson approach
  3. To explain & describe each lesson step in detail
  4. To illustrate clearly the workings of an AfL lesson through observation of actual classroom practice
  5. To equip teachers with the knowledge, skills and insights necessary to devise and deliver their own AfL structured lessons
  6. To shift & change current practice in lesson planning to that of an AfL embodied approach

The duration of the seminar is 75 minutes.   The seminar is delivered to the whole staff in a classroom setting through the Interactive Whiteboard using the seminar DVD or by logging into the course online at, and using the username and password enclosed with the DVD.   There will be pauses on occasion in the presentation to enable teachers to complete written ‘Stop & Think Tasks’.   There is also a comprehensive seminar handout, a copy of which needs to be photocopied for each attendee and distributed at the start of the seminar. The handout includes guidance notes for the seminar leader, participant notes, and tasks, templates & checklists to support practical implementation of AfL principles on completion of the seminar.   In addition - there is an online support / discussion forum that can be accessed by all teachers following the seminar, in order to review the seminar content or engage in discussion with fellow teachers on the topic of ‘Assessment for Learning’.   We hope that this will be the first of many seminars that you and your colleagues will take with us here at CPD College, as part of your ongoing professional development.  

Order your ‘Questioning Seminar Pack’ today and we will dispatch it immediately with an invoice. 

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01 - The theoretical background and principles of both formative and summative assessment with specific emphasis on assessment for learning.
02 - The practical implications of applying AFL in the classroom with focus on sharing learning intentions and success criteria.
03 - The practical implications of applying AfL in the classroom with focus on effective questioning and peer- and self-assessment.
04 - The practical implications of applying AfL in the classroom with focus on giving effective feedback.
05 - The practical implications of applying AfL in the classroom with focus on planning and delivering an AfL lesson, and on drawing up a school policy on assessment.

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