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Code of Ethics

Core Policy

CPD College shall conduct its business in compliance with national, European and all applicable international legislation, agreements, treaties and protocols. CPD College and its representatives shall conduct their affairs to the highest ethical standards in keeping with the College’s commitment to the principles of natural justice, due process and to the protection of civil and human rights.

Ethical framework

CPD College staff will adhere to the following ethical framework: 

  • Integrity: All employees and agents will act in an honest and trustworthy manner in all professional and business dealings
  • Professional competence and due care: CPD College staff will at all times provide a professional service, and will act diligently in all matters
  • Transparency: Business and educational activities will be conducted in an open and transparent manner at all times
  • Confidentiality:  CPD College respects and preserves the confidentiality of personal information in accordance with relevant legislation and as per our privacy statement, no personal information in shared with third parties, with the exception of the Department of Education for the purposes of completing participants and this is done with the authority, knowledge and consent of all said participants
  • Professional behaviour: CPD College staff will at all times act in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and dealing with participants competently, diligently and fairly
  • Professionalism and purpose: CPD College staff will at all times act in a manner that will best serve the interests of participants



All members of staff will:

  • Practise responsible business ethics
  • Provide current, accurate and honest information in an ethical manner
  • Develop transparent business relationships with third party providers through the use of written agreements
  • Protect the interests of minors
  • Provide up-to-date information that enables participants to make informed choices when selecting courses
  • Ensure that third party providers adhere to the same ethical standards and best practice


CPD College will adhere to the following standards:

  • Organisational effectiveness: Commitment to effective organisational governance and adherence to all relevant, rules, regulations and legislation
  • Business ethics: Demonstrating full adherence to all relevant ethical standards by all staff at all times
  • Staff capability: Effective human resource management practices in place to ensure all employees and representatives are trained, informed and act in the best interests of participants at all times
  • Third party practices and standards: All representatives of CPD College will adhere to the same ethical framework and principles as direct employees