M08 - Introduction to Business Management

Management & Professional Development Skills Courses (2 CPD Hours)

This course gives participants an introduction to the basic skills of business management. All business employees should have some knowledge of business planning, accounting and marketing.

The table of contents for this course is the following: Marketing and the marketing concept

Introduction to business planning
  • What is a business plan?
  • The importance of the business plan
  • Why prepare a business plan?
  • Structure of a business plan
  • Guide on business plan structure
  • The key questions to answer in business planning
  • Key questions slides
Introduction to business accounting
  • What is financial accounting?
  • Accounting transactions file Books of prime entry
  • The principle of double entry
  • The Trial Balance file Trading, profit and loss account
  • Format of trading, profit and loss account
  • Balance sheet file Format of Balance Sheet
Introduction to sales and marketing
  • What is marketing?
  • What is the marketing concept?
  • Evolution of the marketing concept
  • Customer satisfaction
  • What is the marketing mix?
  • Product file Price file Promotion
  • Place
  • Summary of marketing and the marketing concept
  • Summary of marketing slides
  • Summary of marketing script
  • What is selling?
  • The sales call
  • Sales pipeline tool
  • The sales process explained
  • The sales process slides
  • The sales process script
From the course you can download relevant notes and documents for your own use, you can also link to other relevant websites and resources.

Course author:  Dr. John Wall, Head of School for Education and Professional Development, 3rd Level Institute

About the author: 
Dr. John Wall is Head of School for Education and Professional Development in a leading Irish Third Level Institution. He has vast experience in designing and delivering courses in business related subjects. John also has a particular interest in the delivery of continuing professional development through an elearning platform and has recently completed his doctoral thesis in this area.