M07 - Creating PowerPoint presentations

Management & Professional Development Skills Courses (3 CPD Hours)
This course introduces participants to PowerPoint presentations and how to create them. It starts at beginners level and progresses to intermediate knowledge. Detailed video guides provide clear explanations of the functions and features of MS PowerPoint. 

The following elements are a sample of what is included in the course

Introduction to PowerPoint
  • What is PowerPoint?
  • Presentations
  • What makes PowerPoint presenations fail?
Creating PowerPoint  presentations
  • How to launch PowerPoint
  • Create and save a PowerPoint file
  • Open a PowerPoint presentation
  • Add slides
  • Edit and format text
  • View your slideshow
  • Insert an image
  • Insert a text box
  • Add a design template
  • Change content layout and insert media
  • Apply animation to a slide
  • Apply animation to a slide element
  • Add background colours
  • Add colour effects and images
  • Print your presentation
  • Apply transitions
  • Editing your presentation
  • Manually set presentation timings
  • Modify colour scheme
  • Insert a sound clip
  • Insert video
  • Insert a table
  • Insert a chart
  • Insert a diagram
From the course you can download many relevant notes and documents for your own use, you can also link to other relevant websites and resources with dedicated content on creating PowerPoint presentations. 

Course author:  Dr. John Wall, Head of School for Education and Professional Development, 3rd Level Institute

About the author: 
Dr. John Wall is Head of School for Education and Professional Development in a leading Irish Third Level Institution. He has vast experience in designing and delivering courses in business related subjects. John also has a particular interest in the delivery of continuing professional development through an e-learning platform and has recently completed his doctoral thesis in this area.